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Welcome to Pick A Profession:
Find your passion!
Find your purpose!
Find the perfect profession for you!
Although currently as a high school student you may have little to no idea about what you want to do, hopefully by the time you are finished exploring this website you will have a clue.  Finding your purpose and your passion are the keys. What better way to do this than to expand your thinking to see what is possible out there in the world by hearing from others who have found their passion, their purpose, their perfect profession.

This website helps young adults focus on a career by providing insight on what the day-to-day work is like by a person who is currently in the field of that profession. It is not finding a job itself, but finding out what types of jobs may be right for you. This will benefit you by setting you on the right career track, whether it is a college major or an apprenticeship!



How it Works


This site is used to try to figure out a college major or a career path before you jump into a path that you may follow for the next 40+ years (that is around 83,200 working hours so you probably want to enjoy them)!  


This site consists of many components including: 

-Group Informational Meetings

-Informational Interviews

-Questions for the interviews

-Videos From Professionals In Our Community

-Write ups From Professionals About Their Job

-Helpful Links and more


Our mission is to create a resource to inspire Sharon High School Students to find a field of interest about which they are passionate by learning from the experiences of professional local Sharon area residents. I hope it is a good tool for everyone and is utilized to its fullest capacity. The further hope is that this is a concept easily replicated by other towns. 

-Julia Garfinkle

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