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When you sign up to conduct a meeting with a professional, it is always beneficial to be prepared with questions. Here is a list of possible questions you could ask...


Skills required:

  • What general skills are required?

  • What personality traits and professional characteristics are expected?

  • What do you reccomend to be most prepared for this position?

  • What type of education and training prepared you for this career field?

  • What types of summer jobs or internships should I seek out as I continue my education?

  • What classes did you take in high school/ college that prepared you for your job?

  • Did you have to interview, take any tests, complete an internship or apprenticeship for this position?

  • What kind of technical knowledge is required for this job?

  • Is time spent outside of work on training or development?

  • How do I find out about internships/job openings in this field?


Personal opinions related to job:

  • What made person choose job?

  • What do they wish they had known before starting the job?

  • What advice do you have for someone considering this career?

  • How did you know this was the right career for you?

  • Did you consider any other careers?

  • Are you passionate about your career? What makes you passionate about your career?

  • What types of things were you interested in during high school?

  • How did you get your current job?

  • What do you like most about your job?

  • What do you like least about your job?

  • What are some of the biggest challenges you face in your job?

  • How much does this career and job affect your personal life?

  • What other careers or industries could you work in with your education and experience?

  • How has technology changed this career?

  • How has the economy affected this career?

  • If the work you do was suddenly eliminated, what different kinds of work do you feel you could do?

  • Is there anything else that I have not seen today or that we have not talked about that you think is important for me to know as I continue my search for the ideal career for me?


Assessing The Employer:

  • How long have you worked for this employer?

  • What is the opportunity for advancement at this company?

  • How/Why did you choose this employer to work for?

  • How does your employer differ from its competitors?

  • What do you like most about working for this employer?

  • What's the most valuable reward you receive from this job?

  • What's the biggest stumbling block you see with younger job-seekers?

  • How did you become interested in this type of work?

  • Why did you choose this career?

  • How did you get your job with this company?

  • How does your job affect your time away from work?

  • How did you prepare yourself for this work?

  • What type of setting, hours, atmosphere, etc. can be expected?

  • What obligation does this type of work place upon you outside of the ordinary work week?

  • What types of employers hire people in this field?

  • Do people normally move to another company/organization or do they move up in the company/organization?


Day Schedule:

  • What does a typical day require? What are the specific duties and responsibilities?

  • How much of your day is spent behind a desk? Out in the field?

  • How much are you required to work outside normal business hours?

  • How much flexibility do you have in terms of hours of work, dress, vacation, etc.?

  • What choices do you have in making your work schedule?

  • Do you work a shift?

  • Are certain times of the month or year busier than other times?

  • What kinds of things are you required to do as part of your job?

  • Do you have to depend on others in order to accomplish your job?

  • Do you take work home?


Future for job:

  • How would you describe or estimate future prospects?

  • How rapidly is the present career field growing?

  • What do you see as the biggest changes in your field that will happen in the future?

  • How are technology demands increasing or changing?


Money related:

  • What are the salary ranges for different levels in this field?

  • What types of fringe benefits are offered to you for your job?

  • How are "raises" earned?

  • What is the average starting salary?  

  • What are the salaries for experienced workers?

  • How much do salaries vary in this career according to the employer, region, or industry?


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