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Sign up to become a mentor!

It only takes a second to make a difference in the community.

Help local students to find a career that inspires; together we can develop an invaluable career information program. Let's try and aid the students in high school to find their passions and follow them just by sharing your advice and experiences. The words you say could be a crucial deciding factor as to what job they wish to pursue in their future. Plus, you only have to volunteer as much time as YOU choose. 

Knowledge is power. Pass on some of your knowledge to this next generation and be a part of the program! 

Here are Ways You can Volunteer:

-Hold A Group Informational Meeting

-Schedule Individual Informational Interviews

-Invite A Student To Shadow You At Work

-Make A Video Talking About What Inspires You About Your Job

-Write up What You Do And What You Love About What You Do


For further information on signing up, please contact us at

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